Materials and support to help you get the most from the Vector Gait and Safety System.

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Vector Elite Clinician Guide

This guide contains helpful information on use, maintenance and troubleshooting for the Vector Elite System.

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Vector Product Brochure

Download the Vector electronic brochure.

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Vector performs according to the regulations set forth by the following compliance bodies/organizations

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Vector Harness

Vector Hardness promotes natural, uninhibited movements. Simple care and cleaning.

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Economic Impact

Vector can impact the success of your practice.

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More on Dynamic Body Weight Support

During a step, Dynamic Body Weight Support keeps the rope taut in order to provide the selected unloading.

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Fall Prevention

Falling is the #1 risk of injury during treatment.

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Competitive Comparison (Vector vs.)

Competitive Comparison (Vector vs.): This guide shows how Vector features, safety, and technology stack up against competitor systems

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Cost of Ownership (Preventative Maintenance)

Cost of Ownership: Learn about the preventive maintenance package available for Vector.

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Outcome Measures Software Brochure

Outcome Measures Software: Understand how Vector measures, records, and tracks patient outcomes

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Adam Saylor – Patient Story

Adam Saylor reaches previously unimaginable goals thanks to innovative Bioness products from Bioventus.

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Technical Support

800-211-9136 option 3

Our in-house Technical and Clinical Support team is available via phone Monday through Friday,
from 8am – 5pm (Pacific Standard Time). Please call us at 800-211-9136 option 3. Or complete our online Contact Us form.

Contact us to schedule a demo with Vector or if you have questions about other Bioness products.

Indication for Use: The Vector Elite system is a body weight support system designed to accelerate physical rehabilitation of patients with severe gait and/or balance impairment. The system unloads a programmed amount of weight to enable the patient to practice walking with less than his or her full body weight.

Do not use the Vector Elite system in patients weighing more than 500 lbs or who have unstable fractures, halo neck supports, uncontrolled high blood pressure or diabetes, or severe osteoporosis.

Full prescribing information can be found in product labeling or at

Instructions for Use / Patient Guides and Reference Cards can be made available upon request.
Contact [email protected] 
or 800-211-9136 to request an electronic copy.