Technology Exhibit

Want a hands-on demo of Vector’s Intuitive Body Weight Support System at your facility?

We can bring the Vector experience right to your front door with the Bioness Technology Exhibit! Our 45’ self-powered showcase exhibit can be parked outside your facility allowing you to experience our full suite of rehab solutions firsthand including:

  • VECTOR Intuitive Body Weight Support System
  • BITS Bioness Integrated Therapy System
  • L300 Go Foot Drop System
  • L300 Go Plus for Thigh Weakness
  • H200 Wireless Hand Rehabilitation System
  • Stimrouter

Contact us to request the BTE to come to your city!

Indication for Use: The Vector Elite system is a body weight support system designed to accelerate physical rehabilitation of patients with severe gait and/or balance impairment. The system unloads a programmed amount of weight to enable the patient to practice walking with less than his or her full body weight.

Do not use the Vector Elite system in patients weighing more than 500 lbs or who have unstable fractures, halo neck supports, uncontrolled high blood pressure or diabetes, or severe osteoporosis.

Full prescribing information can be found in product labeling or at

Instructions for Use / Patient Guides and Reference Cards can be made available upon request.
Contact [email protected] 
or 800-211-9136 to request an electronic copy.