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The L360 Thigh System benefits:


Strengthen leg muscles


Improve knee stability


Prevent or slow muscle atrophy


Facilitate muscle re-education


Maintain or increase joint range of motion


Increase local blood flow


Relax muscle spasms

What is the L360 Thigh System?

The L360 Thigh System is a medical device that can help people lead more active lives after total knee replacement or anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery. Using two innovative technologies, the L360 offers important benefits such as strengthening leg muscles, preventing muscle atrophy, and relaxing muscle spasms.

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How does the L360 Thigh System help?

The L360 Thigh System electrically stimulates the affected leg’s muscles, providing knee flexion or extension, while also potentially improving the user’s gait.

The L360 features:

  • 3D Motion Detection
  • Electrical Stimulation Modes
  • Fast, Intuitive Set-up
  • Outcome Measures
  • User App

By the Numbers

Number of research articles and level 1A evidence supporting the use of FES to improve gait, balance, and independence1,2

L360 Thigh System: Innovative, Intuitive, Precise


3D Motion Detection

A proprietary learning algorithm adapts to kinematic changes in real time, deploying stimulation precisely when needed.

Electrical Stimulation Modes

Targeted stimulation occurs in three distinct modes: FES gait mode, cycle training mode, and NMES training mode.

Fast, Intuitive Set-up

A Quick Start Fitting Mode and Bluetooth® programming significantly reduce set-up time and maximize productivity.
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Indications for Use: The L360 Thigh System is intended to assist knee flexion or extension in adult individuals with muscle weakness related to upper motor neuron disease/injury (e.g., stroke, damage to pathways to the spinal cord). The L360 Thigh System electrically stimulates muscles in the affected leg to provide knee flexion or extension; thus, it also may improve the individual’s gait.

The L360 Thigh System may also facilitate muscle re-education, prevent/retard disuse atrophy, maintain or increase joint range of motion, increase local blood flow, provide early post-surgical quadriceps and hamstring strengthening, improve post-surgical knee stability secondary to quadriceps and hamstring strengthening, and relax muscle spasms.

L360 Thigh System is contraindicated in patients with a demand-type cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator or any electrical implant. Do not use the system on a leg where metallic implant is directly underneath the electrodes, a cancerous lesion is present or suspected, or on a leg with regional disorder (e.g., fracture or dislocation) which could be adversely affected by motion from the stimulation. Use caution in patients with diagnosed or suspected cardiac problems or epilepsy.

Full prescribing information can be found in product labeling or at: www.bionessrehab.com/l360/safety-information.

Instructions for Use / Patient Guides and Reference Cards can be made available upon request.
Contact [email protected] or 855-902-5252 to request an electronic copy.